Sublime Glaciers in Gilgit Baltistan

Sublime Glaciers in Gilgit Baltistan

Written by Syeda Abeeha Shigri

Baltoro Glacier is the second largest glacier in GB and the world’s 5th longest glacier outside the polar regions which is about 63 km in length. This glacier is located in the District Shigar of GB along with the Karakorum mountain ranges. To the east of this glacier, Baltoro Muztagh lies, while the Masherbrum mountains are to the south. Baltoro Muztagh is a subrange Karakorum mountain range. This crest of the mountain range forms part of the Pakistan- China border. Baltoro Glacier is separated from Siachen Glacier by Conway pass. Many other large glaciers like Godwin Austen Glacier, Abruzzi Glacier, Vigne Glacier flowing from Chogolisa and the Yermandendu Glacier flowing from Masherbrum are merging with Baltoro Glacier. The junction of Baltoro Glacier with Godwin- Austen Glacier is known as Concordia.
The third largest glacier in GB is Batura Glacier which is the world’s 7th longest and largest glacier. It is 57 km long, situated in Hunza District. This glacier flows west to east, the lower portion of this glacier is a grey sea of rock and gravelly moraine.
Hispar Glacier is also one of the famous glaciers in GB, which is 49 km long, and meets Biafo Glacier at Hispar La.
Abruzzi Glacier is also one of the popular glaciers of GB, which is 46 km in length and is present north of Baltoro Kangri peak. This glacier was named in honor of Prince Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi an Italian mountaineer who led an expedition to the Karakorum mountain ranges in 1909.
Kutiah Lungma Glacier is also present in GB, which is about 12km in length and 3km in width. It is located in the Staq region of District Skardu and in the north of Nanga Parbat.
Bilafond Glacier is located in the Siachen region and is 4,782m in length. This glacier is the main source of the Saltoro River.
Some of the other small glaciers in GB are including Biarchedi Glacier, Chogo Lungma Glacier, Chumik Glacier, Godwin-Austen Glacier, Hainablak Glacier, Miar Glacier, Panmah Glacier, Passu Glacier, Rupal Glacier, Shani Glacier, Trango Glacier, Vigne Glacier
Et cetera Et cetera.

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